Become a Travel Host


Our independent business representatives, formally known as Associate Publishers, yet better known as Travel Hosts, are entrepreneurs who are the experts in their local communities on travel and tourism. They LOVE what they do and that is to introduce travelers to those businesses that they would recommend to their family and friends. If you would like to LOVE what you do and learn more about this opportunity then you can watch our video, visit our Love Testimonials, read about our TRAVELHOST Opportunity, or Contact Us.


Our unique distribution strategy places TRAVELHOST directly in the guestrooms of finer hotels, resorts and timeshares. Therefore our advertisers are businesses that pride themselves in “Hosting the Traveler as a Celebrity Seeking Treasured Memories.”  Travelers are ultimately seeking great experiences that will last a lifetime. If you would like to read about how our advertisers LOVE hosting our travelers then visit our Advertiser Testimonials or Contact Us.


Our business partners consist of vendors, association affiliations, and development teams who all share our common goals and principles and who are committed to support our efforts to better “Host the traveler.”  If you would like to read about some of the businesses we LOVE doing business with and who LOVE doing business with us, then read our Business Partner Testimonials or Contact Us.


TRAVELHOST, INC. employs associates in a variety of administrative, communications and marketing positions. TRAVELHOST is a great opportunity for long-term  employment because it is an ever-evolving mature company that provides excellent benefits, competitive salaries, advancement opportunities and much more. If you are positive, innovative, successful leader, then we would LOVE for you to join our TRAVELHOST family. Read some of our Associates Testimonials about their positive experiences at TRAVELHOST or Contact Us.


Since Travelers are receptive to new ideas, products and services. They are willing and eager to try new things. Travelers trust TRAVELHOST to guide them where to dine, shop, explore, relax and have fun! If you would like to read about how our travelers have shown their LOVE by sharing their treasured memory stories with us or how they utilized TRAVELHOST and its recommendations during their past and present travel adventures, then read our Traveler Testimonials or if you would like to share your own LOVE with us then feel free to Contact Us.